The Carole and Tom Project

For the past several years Mason has been producing and directing a documentary on stage and screen veterans Carole Cook and Tom Troupe. Carole, the protege of Lucille Ball, and Tom, a disciple of the great Uta Hagen, have each been working in stage, television and film for over 50 years. While their professional lives are certainly impressive it's their vibrant love story which spans decades that will entertain audiences and leave them wanting more. 


Break a Hip

"If you haven't been watching the hit web series BREAK A HIP, then you've been missing out"                              -ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT.

Cameron Watson's BREAK A HIP is based on his personal experience as a young actor in Hollywood working for an older English actress who took him under his wing in a time of need. Co--Produced by Mason McCulley, this comedy follows their relationships as they grow to depend on each other and their lives intersect. Stay tuned for Season 2 coming soon! 

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(Yol) Fashion with an Accent

Though his accent is feint, Mason still wears his Southern heritage on his sleeve, literally. Through a line of Southern inspired t-shirts titled "y'all," he is making an impact in fashion as well as several charitable organizations donning his signature logo. His shirts are currently available for purchase on TeeSpring in a variety of colors, styles and sizes. Spread the love, Y'all.

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